Keyboard superpower on macOS

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Seek & click

Match what you type, and click it ― all with the keyboard and anywhere on the screen

Hyperkey included

Convert your caps lock key or any of your modifier keys to the hyper key, all four modifiers combined: ⌃⌥⌘⇧

The hyper key acts as an additional modifier key that you can use in all of your other apps that have keyboard shortcuts

☑︎ Power user

  • Maximize keyboard efficiency with just a few checkboxes
  • Got remappings you want a checkbox for? Let me know!


The Seek functionality doesn't find all the occurrences of what I typed. Why not?
  • Seek uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to find your text, and there are currently some limitations to this. It has a particularly difficult time with certain shades of blue text on black background, small text, and text close to lines. I'm continuously working on improving this.
Why don't my key remappings work in password fields?
  • Password text fields in macOS are secure and prevent 3rd party applications from knowing which keystrokes are pressed.
Why does Superkey need accessibility and screen recording permissions?
  • Screen recording permissions are only used for Seek, where the app needs to take a screenshot to find the text on your screen.
  • Accessibility permissions are necessary to know when configured keystrokes are pressed, and to execute clicks.
  • Superkey does not do anything further with any of the information it processes, and only reaches out to the network for license validation or updates as configured. None of the data that Superkey processes is stored on your disk. I take privacy seriously and none of my apps use any kind of telemetry or tracking.
Why can't I record my shortcut with the hyper key in Keyboard Maestro?
  • Keyboard Maestro's shortcut recorder works a little differently than most, BUT if you just record your shortcut physically pressing all the modifiers, then the Hyperkey configured in Superkey (or Hyperkey) will properly trigger what you have configured in Keyboard Maestro.